Directed by Arthur Pita, contemporary dancers formed a brand new dance company collective alongside Russian, Spanish, Indian and African folk dance groups, all moved to the turbo-folk Gypsy and Balkan beats of Birmingham’s very own band The Destroyers.

Spells were conjured up as wild rhythms drew pulsating movement from this international spectrum of exceptional dances. Horned figures in gleaming gold made their presence felt while rituals, fire and a relentless stampede of exotic dances and frenzied songs brought together this riotous 40-strong cast in a 30-minute outdoor extravaganza unlike any other!

Arthur said: “There were bits of furniture all over the place and basically it looked like 40 people, plus the band, have attacked the Square! It was a very vibrant and a real cross-cultural event.”
Click here to visit Arthur’s website and find out more about his work

Max Gittings from The Destroyers couldn’t wait for Utopia to begin: “It’s been a while since our last dance extravaganza, so we were very excited to be part of Utopia. Being at the heart of a fully staged outdoor spectacular involving dance groups and musical sounds from across the world, whilst collaborating and forging new links with exciting and talented artists, is the very essence of what The Destroyers are all about.”


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