Hemabharathy Palani / Trikonanga & Twine

Hemabharathy Palani is an award-winning choreographer/dancer, working as the Rehearsal Director of the Attakkalari Repertory Company, Bangalore. Her solo Trikonanga won the public’s First Choice Award at the 2013 Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival. Traversing diverse emotional states with distilled focus and tenderness interrupted by outbursts of energy, the piece combines the distinct physicality of three dance forms - Bharatanatyam, contemporary dance and ballet.

“Contemporary dance is not a form, it’s an approach, It’s “like an amoeba. The boundaries change and stretch”. Palani

“Trikonanga fluently combines the pointed foot of ballet with the articulated fingers of bharatanatyam and the malleable spine of contemporary dance.”  The Guardian

Co-production Ballet National de Marseille for Accueil Studio 2013

Morphed re-defines what Indian dance can offer.  A solo created by British dancer Subhash Viman in collaboration with Indian choreographer Veena Basavarajiah, with music composed by the renowned singer and musician Raghu Dixit, Morphed portrays how every individual is indefinitely morphing identities to be recognized and accommodated in today’s global world.  Subhash Viman is a promising new talent, heavily influenced by hip-hop, urban and contemporary dance styles. He trained in classical Indian dance and has also worked with top Bollywood hip-hop choreographers Javed Sanadi, Paul Cardoz and Rahul Shetty.

Quite a talent - Adam Pushkin, The Place

Curated in partnership with Sampad Arts

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Photo Credit: Arvind Sridhar

Countries: UK & India

Credits for Hemabharathy Palani / Trikonanga & Twine:

Choreography & performance: Hemabharathy Palani
Sound and video: Yannick Rayne
Lighting design:  Pipon
Costume: Aurelia Lyon & Nicole Murru
Creation: 23/05/2013 – at Ballet National de Marseille
Coproduction: Ballet National de Marseille for Accueil Studio 2013
General Administrator: Cornelia Albrecht 


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