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Together, these four souls, three men and one machine, explore man and machine's reliance on each other and themselves.

Surprising, innovative and visually arresting, RIDE is a thrilling outdoor dance theatre work that explores the nature of travelling.

Artistic Director Zoie Golding has created 30 works reaching audiences of over 39,000 people and outreach projects engaging over 10,000 young men in dance. They successfully tour work across the UK in venues and outdoor sites. Alongside theatre productions, they create radical works crafted in non-theatrical spaces with focus on male dominated environments, for example: scrap yards, naval bases, factories etc. 


RIDE teaser BDE 2016 from ZoieLogic Dance Theatre on Vimeo.

Artistic Director and Choreographer:   Zoie Golding   

Producer for ZLDT: Vicky Thornton

Producer for IDFB: Hannah Sharpe / Lucy Massey

Performers: Andy Gardiner, Jamie Higgins  and Nathan Johnston         

Composer: Duncan Grimley 

Writer: Matt Beames

Production Manager: Netty Miles

Photo Credit: Dani Bower Photography

Country of Origin: UK

RIDE teaser BDE 2016 from ZoieLogic Dance Theatre on Vimeo.

RIDE is commissioned and co-produced by DanceXchange for IDFB 2016 and co-commissioned by Gulbenkian, Kent and Dance Village at Bristol Harbour Festival.

ZoieLogic Dance Theatre creates professional works submerged in theatricality, innovative set design and crafted with a cinematic approach for theatres and unconventional spaces. Underpinning the company’s work is the drive to increase and engage new audiences for dance, with a focus on males. 

With two highly successful outdoor works to date, MurMur (2013) and Stolen Wishes (2014) involve bespoke and unique steel structures which dancers clamber over and through, demonstrating great impact showing at events and festivals such as Glastonbury, Bestival, Spring fest, Unwrapped.

ZoieLogic Dance Theatre is an Associated Company of The Point, Eastleigh

Zoie Golding is an accomplished Artistic Director, Producer and Choreographer with a strong background of more than 16 years experience in the dance sector. Zoie has extensive experience working with young people, professionals and communities devising innovative dance theatre and work in all areas of event, company and production management and in the UK and worldwide. Zoie has a strong artistic voice and vision that drives all her work, driven by a passion for opening people’s eyes to the power of dance.


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