Photo credit: Dani Bower

Please note: there are additional performances to the schedule

Corey Baker Dance is celebrated for making engaging and exciting outdoor work, including Headphones at IDFB 2014 and Kapa Haka Tale at Birmingham Weekender. 

Corey Baker is an associate artist of DanceXchange.

My new show celebrates the phone box's place in our history - see this national icon as never before - Corey Baker

Having perfomances for IDFB's Phone Box in the Golden Square brings a vibrancy which will complement our unique corner of the city - Luke Crane, Jewellery Qurater Bid Manager

See below for behind the scenes of Corey Baker Dance - Phone Box.



Artistic Director: Corey Baker

Solo Performer: Ben Jones

Digital Composer: Duncan Grimley

Producer: Hannah Sharpe

Assistant Producer: Lucy Massey

Photo Credit: Dani Bower Photography

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Phone Box is co-produced by DanceXchange for IDFB 2016 & Commissioned by DanceXchange and Without Walls.

Corey Baker is an Associate Artist of DanceXchange.

Corey Baker Dance (CBD) is a fresh, dynamic and vibrant company that creates entertaining and exciting performance experiences. With the ethos that dance is for everyone, Corey Baker takes dance to global communities by making dance work that shares popular culture themes so to be enjoyed by large and diverse audiences. The success of Corey Baker Dance’s work has resulted in work across multiple platforms, such as TV, Film and Theatre. Led by New Zealand born Corey Baker, the company is based in Birmingham UK with a national and international remit. Touring works include Headphones, Haka Day Out, Kapa Haka Tale, Ature and Phone Box.

New Zealand-born Corey Baker now based in Birmingham, was International Resident Choreographer for International Dance Festival Birmingham 2014, and Associate Creative Director of Birmingham Weekender 2015. Corey Baker is Associate Artist of DanceXchange.

In 2015 Corey Baker Dance delivered 95 live performances at 45 different locations and performed to 47,420 people at festivals, rugby world cup fan zones and in theatres. Corey Baker Dance delivered 196 workshops to 15,212 participating people. Kapa Haka Tale was a sell out success. Watch out for it this year at Salisbury International Festival!


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