Brazilian reggae and hip hop star Jota III joins forces with DJ Destruction Turntablist Champion DJ Feva to host this fourth edition of Rebel Spirit - an annual celebration of Birmingham's underground music scene.

Global roots venue PST has a 15 year history springing from the Jamaican blues dance movement.

Where better for breakdance initiative Open Circles to join forces with Northeastern Brazilian social dance enthusiasts Forró in Brum, Nottingham Samba Band featuring pioneering Afro Brazilian choreographer Irineu Nogueira, and Capoeira Cordão de Ouro, for an open floor event where everyone gets a chance to try out new moves?

Join us for a welcoming vibe, home cooked Jamaican food and a roof top after party that'll take you through to dawn.

Rebel Spirit takes place between 8pm and 12am


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