A significant number of events and activities at IDFB are free with many of the most memorable and thrilling taking place in public spaces. However, staging these events is costly. The best artists, stunning sound and lighting along with staffing and security come at a price. And as well as the big public spectacles, IDFB also offers multiple small precious experiences which introduce people from all backgrounds to something unexpected or open their eyes to something new. A donation to IDFB  will help share your experience with others and secure similar events for the future.

Individual donations for IDFB 2016 will help support a new artistic production.

I was completely blown away. To put on such a wonderful event for the benefit of everyone in our great city was truly remarkable. It was breathtaking, inspiring, joyous and brilliant.Audience member – Wings of Desire IDFB 2012

Contact: Husne Begum, Development Manager, DanceXchange
0121 667 9463 // husne.begum@dancexchange.org.uk


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