Sangachhadhwam & Sandhya

This thrilling double bill stars internationally-acclaimed dancers, performing timeless traditional dance.

Sujata and Preetisha Mohapatra present Sangachhadhwam, which means “walking on the same path together”. Odissi is the oldest surviving Indian dance form. Its roots are in temple ritual. The modern interpretation is inspired by temple sculptures and nature.

In Sandhya, spellbinding duo Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy Menon showcase the intricacies and spirituality of Bharatanatyam dance. Shijith has an exceptional sense of music and rhythm, while Parvathy brings an elegance to their choreography,

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Incede and Echoes

A wonderful double-bill featuring the best of Kathak.

Incede is an excursion into the interplay between love and longing. With a majestic and flamboyant familiarity, the dance recreates the most intimate of our emotions.

Bells have been a constant companion of every Indian dancer. In Echoes, the bells become a metaphor of resonance, freedom, and awakening.

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Trikonanga & Twine/ Morphed

Rooted in the style of India, this double bill promises you a fresh contemporary take on South Asian Dance.

Trikonanga & Twine combines the distinct physicality of three dance forms - Bharatanatyam, contemporary dance and ballet.

Morphed re-defines what Indian dance can offer. Dancer Subhash Viman is a promising new talent, heavily influenced by hip-hop, urban and contemporary dance.

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