Created in Birmingham

Judy Owen from “In a Landscape” said:

“We are thrilled that much of the Shun Ito project is being created in Birmingham, bringing together the talents and skills of local people to make extraordinary work that can be enjoyed by people across the city and the Midlands.”

Local ensemble

For the performance, Japanese director and dance artist Kei Miyata has created an ensemble of 14 local people.  She was keen to work with people from Birmingham who are not professional dancers. Instead, she drew on people from local yoga and martial arts groups. The company is rehearsing in the outstanding facilities provided by DanceXchange and Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Local industry links

Shun Ito’s kinetic installation piece Cells is a key part of the performance. For this work, the artist collaborated with Birmingham steel company Clifton Steel. Shun Ito has also been helping a team of ten local arts volunteers to prepare and assemble the work.

Get involved

Local people are being invited to get involved with an exciting programme of workshops around the performance. They include the chance to work with Shun Ito, to make a mini version of the kinetic sculpture Cells.

Find out more

Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing production. For more information, please click here.


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