Over four festivals since 2008, IDFB has built momentum to become one of the largest dance festivals in Europe, showcasing a strong programme of dance in theatres alongside innovative and engaging outdoor productions and new opportunities to participate.

The critically acclaimed quality of the artistic offering, the mix of 9 world premieres and international touring by high profile artists from 18 countries has helped put Birmingham on the map as a cultural destination. 

The city was buzzing with the festival during April and May with performances on the streets culminating in B-Town in Victoria Square and major routes awash with flags and banners thanks to the City Council’s street dressing as well as performances in many of the major venues. Not only was the festival highly visible but there were large audiences reflecting the youth and diversity of the city and a tangible sense of local pride in the city as a result. 

Each year IDFB has a distinctive feel and this year new elements brought in new partners as well as old friends – Birmingham City University, University of Birmingham, Millennium Point and The Ruddock Performing Arts Centre at King Edward’s School were all involved for the first time.

Paint the Town Red was a mix of workshops and social events celebrating flamenco, tango, capoiera and swing dance that were hugely popular with aficionados bringing participants from across the country.

We are very proud that IDFB achieved national recognition by winning a 2014 UK Theatre Award for Achievement in Dance for our 'Bold, extensive programming and presentation'


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